Stephen Jones is “surprised” by questions about Mike McCarthy’s job security

The Cowboys have stunk this year. They haven’t stunk enough for the deodorant that comes from a new coach.

COO Stephen Jones told 105.3 The Fan on Monday that coach Mike McCarthy will be back in 2021.

“Absolutely no change with Coach McCarthy, and I am surprised that someone would question Mike, these unprecedented situations that everyone’s been in on top of that,” Stephen Jones said. “No one is making excuses, but we have had some real challenges in the injury category.

“If you look at his track record and his pedigree, he’s consistently won year in and year out. We have the utmost confidence that this ship is going to be righted quickly, and Mike is going to be the leader of this group. He’s certainly a great head coach and I think we’re going to see that going forward. He’s a great head coach in this league, he’s accomplished a lot, and he’s going to accomplish a lot more before it’s all said and done.”

The team’s defense has stunk, and it’s hard to imagine the team being much better even if quarterback Dak Prescott didn’t suffer a broken ankle in Week Five. Changes could indeed come for that side of the ball, with coordinator Mike Nolan believed to be in jeopardy.

As to McCarthy, two factors favor a return. First, Jerry and Stephen Jones won’t want to admit so quickly that they erred in hiring McCarthy, so they won’t. Second, despite the many millions controlled by the Jones family, they don’t like to pay coaches to not work. Jones reportedly received a five-year, $30 million deal; if it’s all guaranteed, he’d be getting $24 million or so if he’s fired after one season.

Unless, of course, they can show he used his company-issued phone for personal business, or something similar to that.